The Spider

She dances delicate on silk
a creature of the air, but yet of earth
suspended silently she waits
around her, light is shim’ring bent
She is of fascination and of fear,
the maker and the huntress too
deceiver, weaver, beguiler
and yet, one clap, she is no more.


Yesterday, while I was at work, I suddenly had a spot swimming before my eyes. It took me a moment to realize that the “spot” was not something in my eye, but rather, a tiny spider dangling from the office ceiling about a foot and a half (45 cm) in front of my face. Because of slight air currents causing the spider to move ever-so-slightly, it took me a few seconds to properly focus…hence my comment about “bending light”. My eyes hurt for a while, due to my lack of ability to properly focus, but Ms. Spider did not survive the encounter. Alas.


shared this with dVerse for OLN.


10 thoughts on “The Spider

  1. Oh, dear, she did not survive the encounter with you? That clap sounds ominous… Mind you, the flies that get into our house probably have an (all too brief) story of persecution to tell!
    Joking aside, I really like this shimmering, delicate poem, just like a fine spider’s web, entrancing and beguiling us.

  2. Oh, first you have described this spider in such a wonderfully detailed and intricate way, and then clap, she’s gone!! I ended up feeling a bit sad for the spider. They are useful little creatures to have around, I think! I liked the style of your poem, Bryan.

  3. Ah.. the spider.. a weave
    or sorted net it tales…
    with never
    less to
    the spider
    of Love’s Life
    desire never gives
    up.. but yeah..
    black widows..
    of course..:)

  4. Those little spiders like that I let bet. But those big things, the “juicy” ones big as silvr dollars, that get in the house – BAM! but they are useful in the garden. You did a super job describing that delicate enchantress but wow, you put her to the end quickly. Well done.

  5. “the maker and the huntress too
    deceiver, weaver, beguiler”

    The best part to me – I am glad you could join in Bryan….sorry I wasn’t online at all on my Saturday….

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