The Legend of Stars

Each evening, as the season shifts from Summer towards Winter, the blanket of night comes a bit earlier, and covers the sleepy Earth a little bit longer.  The blanket, though, is old, and filled with holes that let in the cold.  The maker of the blanket once asked the inhabitants of this planet if he should craft for them a new blanket.  A warmer cover to drive away the chill of winter nights.

The peoples and animals of this world conferred for many months.  Some were in favour of a new blanket, but those who would keep the old were found to be in the majority.  When the first group inquired of the latter, “Why would you deny us the warmth of a blanket that is whole and warm?”, a wise woman answered, “While it may be true that the cold may leak in through the blanket’s many holes, you will find that light also finds its way in.  Gaze up at the blanket on a cold winter’s night and ask yourself if you would truly give up the immense beauty of the light, just for a little bit of warmth?”

a grey wolf shivers
in the winter’s chilly night –
and howls with joy


Sharing this with dVerse for the inaugural Haibun Monday


15 thoughts on “The Legend of Stars

  1. I love this haibun! I am not a fan of cold and would have probably been in the minority who voted for the new warmer blanket. Thanks for the reminder that the light is more important than a little warmth. Peace, Linda

  2. I love the title and haibun about the night, blanket, stars and impending cold winter ~ I would really ask for a warmer and thick blanket but still there is beauty in gazing at those stars ~ Also like imagery of grey wolf howling in winter’s chilly night ~

    Thanks for participating with Haibun Monday and wishing you good week/end ~

  3. Oh I love this for many reasons.. firs it’s a gorgeous haibun with all the quality and then you have weaved it into a fable, where actually the haiku fills the same purpose as the terse summary at the end of an Aesop fable. Excellent work my friend.

  4. Oh.. so true.. when people wear
    clothes they forget how
    to get warm
    and cool..
    and of course
    the same applies
    to Central Air as well..
    and front porches with
    no humans as humans
    forget to become humans..

    Skin Human Free
    Burn clothes

  5. This is wonderful…it has the quality of a myth or folklore and such an important message, reminding us that sometimes the things we don’t like so much also bring with them other gifts that we do like a lot. Beautifully written.

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