Any child can play on a piano, with no regard for which black or white keys sound harmonious together, and which are a jarring dissonance. If someone could be found who had never heard this instrument, and we subjected them to a toddler mashing keys indiscriminately, he might conclude that this is an instrument, not of music, but of torture. He would have no clue that those same 88 keys, beneath the fingers of a Glenn Gould or a Dave Brubeck, could have a dramatically different effect.

There is much that we miss seeing and hearing, because we don’t have the same eyes and ears as the one next to us. We might have merely seen a stone, but Michaelangelo saw David trapped within. We might have seen an experiment contaminated by mould, but Alexander Fleming saw a cure for disease.

Our lack of ability to see something that is clear to another is not a handicap, for we, too, see things that another will not. We each express ourselves in different ways. We each see the world uniquely.

But we are also enriched when someone takes their hand, touches our face, and says “Look! This is what see”…and thereby helps us to experience what otherwise we would not.  We are blessed when someone, through their unique ability, unlocks something so that the rest of the world can benefit.

We each see the world through different eyes, but through skill, we can often make what we see accessible to the eyes of others as well

about the canvas there is nothing grand
until it has been touched by artist’s hand


I wanted to try writing a haibun style piece in a slightly different way.  Instead of concluding with a haiku (as is typical in a haibun), I have concluded my piece with a heroic couplet.  This is being shared with dVerse for Open Link Night.


9 thoughts on “Perception

  1. So true on perception. We can get so stuck in seeing things our way that seeing another’s perception takes quite the effort …and sometimes a bit f humility ad well. I like the feel of coming together to truly see as well

  2. We can learn from what others see and think, which may be different from ours ~ I believe in being open minded about this, and maybe in time, I can understand someone else point of view ~ I like the experiment with the with the prose & couplet ~

    I hope we see you Monday, Sept. 7 for our Haibun Monday ~ Enjoy the long weekend ~

  3. It is a wonderful thing when somehow we can learn to see how another person sees. I wish people would take the time to do this more often. So many times people are so interested in their own perspective that they lose out on the opportunity to see from someone else’s perspective! Nice piece of writing here, Bryan.

  4. I have known instances of pianos as instruments of torture (although the violin is even better for that in the hands of an inexperienced player, I find). Really like this haibun about the need of accepting different perspectives.

  5. sAddest aRt of ALL
    are those
    it up..
    Art sings..
    Art SinGs..
    simple as that
    short or LONG..
    ArT LOVEs..
    We are only
    tools OF FOOLS
    until we
    of GOD
    in no ONE BOOK
    NO one
    or woman
    ALIVE or
    AS i

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