I fling my glance with downward futility

with a decreasing lack of velocity
my shoe-shackled feet
move pounding step after agonizing step
to a golden-fleece goal that remains
ever beyond my arm-stretching grasp

as I fling my glance with downward futility
I see

the hamster wheel


Over at dVerse, Bjorn has invited us to cast aside our fears of over-using modifiers (adjectives and adverbs). Today has been the kind of day where, no matter how much I get done, the “to do” pile is not getting any smaller (and so, of course, I have stopped to write poetry – what else?)


14 thoughts on “I fling my glance with downward futility

  1. So is a “decreasing lack of velocity” actually more velocity, a faster pace? Considering you’re on a hamster wheel of the mighty to-do pile, it seems quite apt. I can relate to that to-do pile, the the peaceful foray into poetry. Thanks for the chuckle and the pause. Peace, Linda

  2. I admire the idea of decreasing lack of velocity on hamster’s wheel ~ I can relate to the pile of work for sure as this coming month is crushing me ~ Excellent pairing of words Bryan ~

  3. You got too the meat of it with tremendous velocity; hamster wheel, indeed, I tread on several different ones over the 55 years in harness. Thanks for your tremendous compliments over at my place; Ginsberg has always been a role model for me. In the South Sound around Tacoma at open mic poetry gatherings, I am known as the area’s last Beat Poet.

  4. My bad, I mixed U up with KB, but no sweat, I dig your poem regardless–it’s all good out on the dVerse trail.

  5. Oh so very clever. I enjoy these writes of yours. The hamster wheel is spot on. You have to keep running or thing stops and your itty feet fall through the wires and you are sorta stuck. I remember rescuing a hamster many decades ago from that fate. I took screen wire and fixed his wheel so he could run safely.

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