My Pen Has Been Silent


My pen has been silent
while life
has been anything but…

a whirl and whoosh
of days passing by
in a blur too fast
to capture in words
and so…

my pen has been silent

but now…
it’s time to slow the pace
…a bit (never stop)
…pick up the pen
and see what it has to say
for I’m sure
that it’s ready to burst
with all the words
it’s been holding inside
for all those days that

my pen has been silent.


I have had a busy last month. With holidays…and catching up on a backlog of work (the only downside to holidays), I have not had much time or energy to write. I miss it. I think that my pen does too! So here is a short piece to celebrate writing again! I’ll be sharing this with dVerse for Open Link Night


19 thoughts on “My Pen Has Been Silent

  1. oh i believe that both – your pen and you – have missed writing – i do too when life’s getting too busy – and what a wonderful thing it is to be able to reflect on life with a pen in hand
    for me it’s back to work on monday – most probably with a big backlog of work on my desk as well..ugh

  2. Doesnt it feel great when you have been busy for so long and then you find that time – hopefully you realize it, and relish it – welcome back.

  3. I love the concept/notion that our pen has the power of creativity. One of the reasons I run with the pack of dVerse dog poets is that twice weekly, I must/want/will pick up the pen, unleash & unharness it, & give it its head. When I go on vacation, I stay away from computers; it is a point of honor for me, like those who sequester themselves in cabins by the sea, or in the mountains, & never watch TV, just read books–but when I return I hear my pens calling out to me immediately. So who is the servant to whom?

  4. Silent Pens..
    Silent Words..
    World FULL of Input..
    Working Responsibilities..
    Culture full of STUFF..
    and then theRe is
    and noNe
    of THAT
    wHere Pens
    and Words
    as wEll
    as eYes
    of Flesh and Blood
    Moving.. Connecting.. SpiRit
    Creating We for NOW
    Mind and Body
    Balancing Souls..
    Then again..
    for most tHere
    IS Alarm Clock
    of some

  5. During those times when the pen is silent, the mind is sometimes the noisiest, so it is nice to finally have the time to come back to being able to put all those thoughts down on the page 🙂

  6. I really like the ending:
    “I’m sure
    that it’s ready to burst
    with all the words
    it’s been holding inside
    for all those days that
    my pen has been silent.”

  7. There are those pauses in our lives when writing just doesn’t happen…but I think for creative minds it is a period of gestation…all that behind the scenes preparation. Good to see you, Bryan.

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