Secret of the waves

Each wave that laps
against the shore
speaks a word

and if you listen
long enough –

you will learn
the secret
they are telling


for dVerse, where CC has asked us to write about the soothing/healing aspect of nature.  I am always calmed when I am on the shore of a lake and am able to hear the gentle sound of waves lapping against the shore.


13 thoughts on “Secret of the waves

  1. Oh I have been listening for years,
    and while I do not know all of the secrets
    I do know a few. Ha. There is a definite rhtyhm
    only they know.

  2. The sound of waves, whether ocean, lake, river – all have such a calming effect. Sometimes, one can almost hear and understand that secret language, if one takes the time to learn.

  3. Waves speak in a universal tongue, like music; in fact perhaps it was one of the first forms of music. Rivers roar, brooks babble, lakes whisper, but the sea, ah yes, ocean waves are liquid thunder, & they are the oral historians of our own beginnings, when we still resided beneath them.

  4. Perfection 🙂 Love this idea that each word speaks one word and that by listening closely you can learn their secrets. Such a lovely thought. Thanks for linking up.

  5. Very nice. The waves of a lake are very different from the waves of the ocean (which is what I wrote about), but I think they both hold secrets as you say. But you have to listen closely and patiently to learn them. Peace, Linda

  6. Mermaids should never reveal their secrets. Shhh, don’t tell: They’re the ones who make the waves that “lap” into your lap.

    I love the hidden “longing enough” in the center.

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