My Philosophy of Poetry…at least in part…

Words are a way to play…
to stay in touch with much
that surrounds me. It grounds me.
Even hounds me
to write what delights
or fight with what frightens
For ink helps me think
forms a link
from my head to my heart
call it art, if you will…if
it thrills you or chills you
then I’ve done my part…
…or at least made a start.


for dVerse, where Brian Miller has asked to to write philosophical poems.  By the way, Brian, nice to see you tending the pub again!


22 thoughts on “My Philosophy of Poetry…at least in part…

  1. a link from head to heart or vice versa – oh i def. can relate to that… poetry kinda brings things to the surface that would stay buried otherwise

  2. I think our art is a great way to work out our philosophy, and should reflect our philosophy in no small part. If it comes from the heart, it is who we are for the most part – maybe filtered through the mind a bit – it can get dicey, what can I say. Ha.

  3. More than a start, sir. The link from the head to the heart is what it’s all about. Though I have to say that it is tough to follow sometimes. Thank you.

  4. “write about what you know,” the teachers told me, & yet each of us finds lines of inquiry, ruts filled with rants, the molecular soup between the rainbow hues. As noted by many, you nailed the message “from my head to my heart” & I like the lines /For ink helps me/ forms a link/.

  5. Ah.. Poetry.. another GREAT! MANorWOmanIFestaTion!
    of human spIRit! aLive! expressInG!
    throuGh hUwoman heARt of SoUl.. Oh.. do!
    go oN..!
    aNd wriTe!
    thE fiGht!
    to survIve!
    in worLd!
    LiVing NoW..!

  6. “…If it thrills you, or chills you, I’ve done my part…” I can definitely relate to this sentiment. I’m not sure that, when I start writing, I ever set out to “make art;” instead, I think, I’m just searching for a way to relate something, to connect what goes on in my head with what goes on in the heads of readers. Great piece, Brian!

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