I Cannot Fathom…

I pray for rain every day and
I know that’s the heart-cry
of countless others
and yet
the sky remains
depressingly clear

And I cannot fathom
why one place has floods
while in others, the sky tastes
of dust and smoke

Over one in one hundred people
that call this province ‘home’
have been forced from their homes
and most have been told that
they won’t return home
any time soon

And I cannot fathom
what it must be like
to be displaced and needing
to fully rely on others

They say now that the fires
will continue to burn ’til
the snow falls in three or four months
’cause they’re having a hard enough time
containing, let alone extinguishing
the conflagration of the north

And I cannot fathom
a fire so big and intense
that it will burn
for a quarter of a year

There are so many hurting
as their world is ablaze
I simply cannot fathom it


Over 13,000 people in a province of just over 1 million people have been evacuated from their homes in the northern part of Saskatchewan. If you have been reading my last few poems, you will know that this tragedy has been weighing heavily on my heart.


8 thoughts on “I Cannot Fathom…

    • too much rain can be as devastating as too little…but wouldn’t it be nice if you could send the excess our way so that we could both have a nice balance?

  1. We are having different problems. Because of all the rain and storms, crops are rotting or not ripening, people have lost their homes, and even more bizarre, in my county, warnings have been given to beware of a high incidence of copperhead snakes being out of their usual environment due to the rain. Children and animals have been bitten, animals are developing hoof fungal infections. It seems there are hard times all around and things portend higher food prices and lull in jobs. Weather affects so many things we often do not think of. I thank God every day for our safety and pray fir His help for people who are having problems due to weather.

    • sometimes boring is good 🙂 Feel free to send some of that rain this way! We had a bit of rain here last night, but right now, we’d gladly take more!

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