Being A Pastor in a 5-4 World by Rev. Travis Garner

Although I don’t often reblog other people’s writings, this was too good to not share. One of the best balanced articles I have read on this topic.

Greater Things Are Yet To Be Done

With permission, I offer you this pastoral word:

Unless you’ve not being paying attention to anything going on in the world, you know that this week was a landmark week in the United States, as the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that states could no longer ban marriage between same-sex couples. In many ways, the way the decision was reached and the response on social media are more indicative of the current state of our culture than the decision itself. It was a 5-4 decision by the Supreme Court, and the justices were very divided in their writings on the decision. If you’ve been reading social media (and who hasn’t?), you’ve seen incredibly divided responses as well. I have good friends, people of faith, who fall across the spectrum on their response to this ruling.

The question I’m pondering this morning as I prepare to head to church is this: How…

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One thought on “Being A Pastor in a 5-4 World by Rev. Travis Garner

  1. Okay. I was here. I was–what is it called?–“lurking” on the UMC site regarding same-sex marriage and the Book of Discipline.

    “[V]isualize whirled peas…all you have to do is stop the violins!” That is great! I love it. I use NaturalSpeaking software and have come up with some very interesting language also.

    Let’s see. “Visualizing” something is a first step towards making it so. The challenge is determining how “stopping the violins” contributes to “whirled peas”. If I am playing the fiddle, I am busy and can’t think about whirled peas. If I stop playing the fiddle, I can think about whirled peas and/or go into the kitchen and mash up cooked peas (and visualize them literally). On the other hand, what if “stop the violins” is like “hold your horses”? It could mean to stop your busy day and meditate (i.e., visualize) upon an object like, well, whirled peas. Well, why not? If everyone in the world meditated upon whirled peas, we might accomplish world peace. Ah, that must be your meaning. I get it now! 🙂

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