Water – Part XV – Motion and Change

The calm hides a constant motion and change
when the water’s surface seems smooth as glass.
We miss so much of what’s wondrous and strange
hidden in the water and the marsh grass.
Beneath the surface there is hidden strife;
struggle to survive is the highest aim.
Some are destroyed that others can have life:
The victors and victims play the same game.
Don’t be fooled by the silent seeming pond.
Remember that there’s more than greets the light.
Besides the things we see, there’s what’s beyond:
the things that are not visible to sight
The water has it’s stories, fair and fell
with mysteries too numerous to tell


And with this sonnet, my cycle Water comes to a close.  If you have been following my series, you may notice that this final sonnet is the first lines of my previous 14 sonnets (in order).  I am considering writing 3 more cycles on fire, earth, and air, but at this point I’ll make no promises.  This was a mentally challenging and exhausting (albeit enjoyable and rewarding) endeavour, and I need a bit of a break from sonnets.

The complete cycle can be found by hovering over the The Elements – Sonnet Cycles tab up above, and then clicking on Water.


5 thoughts on “Water – Part XV – Motion and Change

  1. Wow, Bryan, you did a fabulous job–BRAVO! In this ending piece, I’m especially struck again by the spiritual aspect: “Besides the things we see, there’s what’s beyond: things that are not visible to sight…” Such a good thing for me to remember when all I seem to see is dark and hopeless, that there is a “Beyond” where God is fully in control–with Love and goodness and mercy and redemption. Bless you today.

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