Water – Part XIII – Stories

The water has its stories.  Fair and fell
seeming creatures live and die, procreate
and destroy. From the smallest single cell
to the largest fish, don’t underestimate
the value of each resident being.
The pond’s healthiness will always depend
on each part playing its role. By freeing
it of any part, the balance would end.
Maybe with time, a balance might be made
again, but the pond would be weaker. Less
than what it was or should be. A poor trade
for this pond and all its bountifulness.
Beneath the surface, so many things dwell
with mysteries too numerous to tell.


My sonnet cycle is coming close to the end…only one more to write, and then the “crown” sonnet (which is already written, but unpublished for the time being.  I’m sharing this portion with dVerse for OLN.

The complete cycle can be found by hovering over the The Elements – Sonnet Cycles tab up above, and then clicking on Water.


15 thoughts on “Water – Part XIII – Stories

  1. As with any ecosytem, take something away and the whole thing fails. It is dependent on each part playing their role as is any community. And there is always many things going on just beneath the surface. This has been a cool series, what I have seen of it. Wonder what I could find to slice away at with different perspectives.

  2. I like the idea of the pond’s healthiness depending on each part playing its role. Sort of like its own society…not one part is more important or less important than the other. Great series, Bryan!

  3. I specially like your opening line: The water has its stories.

    I am sure that the pond has many stories to tell ~ Good sonnet too Bryan ~

  4. nicely done – the balance is crucial – but I smiled reading this remembering an old friend Lenny who never swam – “You know what fish do in the water” he always used to say 🙂

  5. I like your chosen theme, and I like your sonnet. I can see you can tell so many things about the water—the value of its existence. My hope is high that the next generation will still get the chance of actually touching the river’s skin. Knowing how pollution is everywhere & how everyone have become less concerned about the environment really made feel so sad. Your sonnet is inspiring & somehow an eye opener. Thank you for writing this!

  6. The first four lines are my favourite – although they are the most general and I usually say ‘Give me specifics, the revealing little detail’. That ‘water has stories’ is a very strong statement and you introduce a sense of mystery.

  7. An impressive feat of yours, this lexicon of sonnets. I kept thinking about some bizarre poetic recipe. “Start with evolution vs. genesis, sprinkle it with ecology, mix in geology, with a pinch of spirituality & a spoonful of archeology, then add nine parts Water, soaking it in sumptuous sonnets, then crown it.” I love the whole concept & results–and yes, you are a master sonnet writer.

  8. Ah.. yes.. the inner space of water true in oceans green
    of ever life.. so deep.. and spiny spawn of electro
    fish terror.. yes.. alien life is right here below
    us.. just waiting to be shared and felt..
    a source of aliens..
    is just a cup
    away.. beneath
    a dark blue

  9. Your poem reminded me of a man I know who created a pond in his garden and the way he carefully chose the plants and fish he wanted there to maintain equilibrium. If only this could seem essential to the ones who govern us!

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