That Subway on Circle
where the sandwich is served
with more than merely
pickles, onions and cheese
but a smile
a friendly word
and shared laughter


my wife and I wanted subs for supper today, and so I went to pick up the sandwiches from a Subway that’s located in a strip mall on Circle Drive in Saskatoon. The quality of a sub is roughly the same from one Subway to the next, but I like going to the Circle Drive location because the service there is as good as the food. Sorry, I normally don’t write advertisements, but the prompt at dVerse was on food, and the service of the food was so good that I couldn’t resist!


19 thoughts on “Subway

  1. It is def the service that keeps me coming back – or will keep me away.
    Who wants to go somewhere they are ignored, or treated like an inconvenience.

  2. Subway has surpassed McDonalds as the most successful franchise in the world, & a big part of it is taking the time worn notion of a Deli, streamlining it, & adding the smiles; nice take on substance from you.

  3. Ah.. the food of customer service is the best taste of all..
    where friendly service of pickles and lettuce
    are juicer than the best
    of root beer floats..
    hell no when
    pre-paid burgers
    come.. i ain’t going..
    i’ll stay at home..
    with a smile or
    not from dear
    wife true..;)

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