Water – Part X – Light

Remember that there’s more than greets the light
of the sun with appreciation for
the gift of vision. For instance, we might
consider pond algae. For it, what more
is the sun than a tool that allows
carbon dioxide to be turned to food
(and merely as a wast-product, endows
the world with oxygen)? It may seem crude
to think of light reduced to less than it
is, but it’s a matter of point of view.
Is there more than we perceive? Are we fit
to claim wisdom, or are we “algae” too?
Of basing things on sight, we’re much too fond
Besides the things we see, there’s what’s beyond.


The complete cycle can be found by hovering over the The Elements – Sonnet Cycles tab up above, and then clicking on Water.

This segment is being shared with my friends at the dVerse Poet’s pub for Open Link Night.


15 thoughts on “Water – Part X – Light

  1. As with many things it is point of view and what it gives us of value is vastly different than what it does of plants .which then in turn gives to us .

  2. I like your closing couplet. Not that I don’t like the rest, but I’m finding I’m fond of poetry in which each line is a complete thought and I struggle with reading poetry with enjambment. But struggle is good, because sometimes that’s how we grow best. 🙂 Peace, Linda

  3. Ah.. the human eyes do bring blind to truth.. too often when
    clouding through eyes of anthropomorphic culture..
    ah.. the human soul.. heart.. and spirit..
    can come alive.. without the eyes
    of cultural
    eyes of
    nearsighted far..:)

  4. Yes, beyond comprehension, beyond the veil, beyond the inequity, imbalance, slavery, zealots; but what is the true nature of our karmic journeys, one following the other? Nature feels no pity as we behave as depraved rapists; sand never sleeps, even on the ocean’s trench bottoms, now littered with plastic beer can rings.

  5. I do think you might enjoy making audio recordings of this saga, & other poetry, past & future; for there is something magical when your actual voice recites your written one.

  6. I specially like this part:

    Are we fit
    to claim wisdom, or are we “algae” too?

    Food for thought and lovely work on the sonnet (a form which I struggle ha) ~

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