Water – Part IX – Don’t Be Fooled

Don’t be fooled by the silent seeming pond.
Were we to submerge ourselves down below
the calm surface so we could look beyond
what we usually see, we’d observe so
much more. Sight alone, however, only
tells us part of the whole story. How will
eyes show the miraculous mystery
of photosynthesis? Do we have skill
enough to see, with our unaided sight,
the mono-cellular life forms that make
up a critical part of the mix? Might
“seeing is believing” be a mistake?
It’s easy to be blinded by our sight
Remember that there’s more than greets the light!


at dVerse, guest host Patti Wolf has asked us to write poetry that narrows our view to “a smaller portion of the world” This prompt seemed perfect for the sonnet cycle that I am currently writing.

The complete cycle can be found by hovering over the The Elements – Sonnet Cycles tab up above, and then clicking on Water.


18 thoughts on “Water – Part IX – Don’t Be Fooled

  1. i liked the depth of this… light, water are all those things that have been around since the beginning of time… things we can count on… loved the line of sight alone tells only part of the story… you really stopped to listen

  2. Oh I think our faith is definitely hindered by our sight. It is amazing what goes on at the macro level. . And beneath the surface. Imagine the depths if the ocean as well

  3. The world under the pond is certainly a world all of its own & we need a microscope to appreciate the life forms ~ That you wrote this in sonnet form is amazing too ~ Thanks for joining in ~

  4. The piece is so well written, neither the form nor the rhyme scheme was distracting. For 30 years I worked with legally blind & sight impaired veterans, & once they began to understand that sight was a brain function, that each of us can only “see” what our filters, perceptions, & life experiences allow, they began to learn to accommodate for their loss.

  5. Yes.. the scum of pond is earth’s delight.. the green that comes..
    is Sun’s.. great.. synthesizing.. photo light.. the smart camera
    of pond.. glistening.. in pale grades green.. do tale a
    deeper story.. of amphibian stools.. in pads of

  6. So much more than greets the light. This speaks to both the scientist and spiritual person in me. I am in awe at how you’ve been able to unfold water in such depth using the sonnet form. Wow!

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