Water – Part VIII – The Game

The victors and victims play the same game
of hide and seek, chase and flee. Every fish
is seeking out prey while at the same
time trying not to be some other’s dish.
On a calm, cloudless day, though, as we gaze
at the serene surface, we miss the chase
that is happening deep below the blaze
of the sun. Nor are we willing to face
the fact that such a placid looking spot
could be so turbulent down at the core.
Take the time to observe that things are not
always what they seem, but there may be more.
Although the peace might try to have you conned,
Don’t be fooled by the silent seeming pond.


The complete cycle can be found by hovering over the The Elements – Sonnet Cycles tab up above, and then clicking on Water.


4 thoughts on “Water – Part VIII – The Game

  1. I’m wondering if the lines come to you as you’re going about your day–or if you have to sit down and make a concerted effort. Just curious, as your writing seems so effortless.

    • You should see my notepad…there are probably more lines scribbled out than kept. I typically sit down and work at it for a while. Because this is a Heroic Crown cycle, I already have the first and last lines in place and I go from there. Sometimes the lines do “just come”, but sometimes it is quite the struggle.

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