But first, I have to write this poem…

as soon as I’m done
writing this poem I’ll go get
a cup of coffee


today at dVerse, we’re writing poems about every day life. There’s not much more “every day” for me that a cup…or 3 of coffee!


16 thoughts on “But first, I have to write this poem…

  1. Short and sweet. I love this! It’s entertaining to see how many of as are either in love with gardens and/or coffee. I’m guessing the muse has a particularly roast s/he’s fond of; if only we could find it!

  2. Too late for coffee eight this second — it would keep me up the rest of the night. But I guarnatee you that I will have a mug while I catch up reading first thing in the morning. Ha.

    • I had just put a pot on to brew when I sat down to write, but coffee was more on my mind than writing…so yes, in this case, it certainly was my muse! 🙂

  3. I’m sitting here, reading dverse poems with my cup of coffee in hand. After I read, I’ll go to my office and write a poem. Then I’ll enjoy my second cup. Yes, coffee is def a big part of my daily life.

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