Water – Part III – Wondrous and Strange

We miss so much of what’s wondrous and strange.
Sometimes because we don’t know where to look
but often, by our own choice we arrange
to see what we wish, and to let the brook
carry us in its current, unconcerned
about where we’ve been or where we head
and in our aimless drifting, we have learned
nothing of lasting value, but instead
squander the experience of the trip
never content to observe as we go.
Therefore many opportunities slip
us by before we choose to see them. So
Think of all the things we miss as we pass
hidden in the water and the marsh grass


Part III of my sonnet cycle, Water.  I am sharing this segment with the dVerse community for Open Link Night

The complete cycle can be found by hovering over the The Elements – Sonnet Cycles tab up above, and then clicking on Water.

21 thoughts on “Water – Part III – Wondrous and Strange

  1. Nice capper to, or adjunct to, the trilogy of H20 sonnets. This one gently chides us to scan, to lift our heads up more from our technology, for yes, wondrous, ironic, incredible & even the macabre inhabit the slipstream beyond our immediate focus.

  2. Tis true we miss so much, only content with the here and now and not what has been here forever.
    I like to think I think of the wonders that surround us, as too the awfulness and wonder what can be done about it. We have only one chance at this beauty that is earth and we should embrace it, not ignore nor destroy it.
    Peace and stuff.
    Anna :o]

  3. So very true, Bryan. There are so many things we need to focus on, things that would be visible if we would only choose to see. We do have to stop our aimless drifting!

  4. I had no idea you were working on a sonnet cycle – good to know, I’ll be checking it out. It’s a form that intrigues me – and I find it very hard myself.
    I can’t tell you how much these words ring true:
    in our aimless drifting, we have learned
    nothing of lasting value, but instead
    squander the experience of the trip

  5. I’m so conscious of water right now as we face such a terrible drought in the West. I live a block from the Truckee River which is so low–but this past week, at last, the rain has blessed Reno. Not enough, but still welcome.

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