Water – Part II – Glass

When the water’s surface seems smooth as glass
and the sunlight glints off in such a way
that it does a shifting dance on marsh grass
the very movement of light will betray
that the surface isn’t nearly as still
as we were, at first, tempted to believe.
There are many things in this world that will
appear one way but may actually deceive…
or surprise if we take a closer glance.
So open your eyes and look if you dare
it may be worth it if you take the chance!
But then again, we might get a scare.
So we close our eyes…but in the exchange
We miss so much of what’s wondrous and strange


As I write my heroic crown cycle, I am discovering just how hard it actually is, and my admiration for other poets who have taken the challenge has gone up immensely! I’m not too sure about this one…I am quite proud of my first 6 lines, but am not too sure about the rest.

The complete cycle can be found by hovering over the The Elements – Sonnet Cycles tab up above, and then clicking on Water.


3 thoughts on “Water – Part II – Glass

  1. I fully agree.. the challenge is immense.. sometimes when I couldn’t make sense I went a little abstract.. and that worked well.. still I like the layers you are building where each element adds an abstract level as metaphor.

    As inspiration maybe water music by Tan Dun would be good.

    • finally had a chance to watch and listen to Tan Dun. Fabulous! Two things that I love: new music (orchestral, that is), and good percussion performances. This was a wonderful marriage of both. A bit Steve Reich, a bit Blue Man. I many have to try to incorporate this somehow. So thank you for this!

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