2am was when the drunks came out
of the bars to drive in
inebriated zig-zags
to the place that I
flipped burgers
and created
a late-night
order rush
just when I was trying
to clean stuff up
so that I could go home when
the fast-food joint
closed at 3.
Back then I hated 2am
but now…
…2am is a wonderful time
when I am embraced
by the covers
and snuggled close
to my wife.
what do I care now, if
2am is when the drunks come out?


at dVerse, Anthony is having us write about 2am.  This brought back memories of the time when I used to flip burgers at an A&W.  I hated that job!


16 thoughts on “2AM

  1. If you are at home, safe in bed and warm, no reason to worry. Ha. Late night restaurants. I have been the server and I have been the drunk.

  2. I worked a night shift a lifetime ago, and we would work like crazy and finish all our work by about 4:00 am and then go up on the roof of the building and sit and watch the city – The city late at night is a quiet beautiful place. Your poem reminded me of that.

  3. I too was a late nighter – worker and the person who annoyed the closing worker. How life changes! And I do like how this showed you growing up and appreciating the wonderful things in life, snuggling next to your wife. I like this!

  4. The night is what you make it. One of my daughters is an RN, & she pulls the night shift, & doesn’t reset her internal clock for days, but once I worked graveyard for several months, & though it is tough, we seem to adjust to it. I flipped burgers too, & was part of the management team, & have been that 6 am customer wanting his breakfast burrito. Now I only greet a sunrise on a road trip.

  5. Cool reflection here, Bryan. Indeed it makes a lot of difference what one is doing and who one is with at 2 a.m. I do think being a burger flipper when the drunks appeared would be hard!

  6. Ah.. to be alive and sober at 2am.. in bars of life..
    uninhibited and strong in focus
    of nightlife love..
    is truly an
    advantage over
    others who
    imbibe to
    live free..
    where sober ways come
    too.. as human free.. even in
    bars of life.. where free’s alive..:)

  7. We learn from out mistakes a lot of the time…but there are a lot of people out there who have to be on their way to or from work …especially bad on a Fri. or Sat night.

    • too true. I was maybe too glib about not caring, because I’m safe in my bed, but I have plenty of friends that do work late…and I would be devastated if one of them was hurt or worse because of a drunk driver.

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