Brick by Brick

brick by brick
I’ve slowly been building
my castle
all I need to complete it is for you
to throw one more through my window


at dVerse, Claudia has asked us to write poems with layers. I’m not sure how well I did, but I think that I at least succeeded to a minimal degree. You could take this at face value as a humourous, or you could take the bricks metaphorically to symbolize hurt and struggles turned to triumph.


13 thoughts on “Brick by Brick

  1. wow – such a short verse – and still so much space for interpretations… i like… some of the big painters have mastered the art of expressing a lot with just few well placed brush strokes

  2. Ah.. yes.. the dark and light bricks of castle life.. SO important that the
    dark of bricks do not fall the light of bricks come tumbling down
    in despair of soul.. and to name that darkness.. whether
    dark brick or not.. to assess the damage and
    to move on fearlessly to rebuild
    with light bricks again..
    makes the castle
    of life fortified

  3. Might as well make good use of the bricks people throw. Make them productive.
    Of course all the better if they are Legos.

    Just don’t step on a brick.

  4. Very interesting treatment with the layers and sort of paradox to me – how I see it, smiles – this prompt has brought out some of the most promising ideas I have seen on dverse in recent times.

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