Day One Hundred!

no moss is gathered
by a stone rolling along –
can’t push forever

Consistency in publishing blog posts has never been something that I have been good at.  However, over the last 5 days of January, I had managed to post at least one article each day, and I set myself the goal of publishing at least one item each day for the entire month of February.  When I managed to accomplish that goal, I started to wonder if I could manage 100 consecutive days.  January 27 was Day One, making today Day One Hundred!  And yes, I have managed to post at least one item each day…and no, I am not going to set a goal of 1000 days.  I am hoping that this exercise of mine will help me to remain a bit more consistent though!


4 thoughts on “Day One Hundred!

  1. I reallylike your haiku here. Stones, rolling or otherwise, along with moss seem tobe in the poetic ether at present.

  2. Congrats on your consistency!

    I know the struggle is all too real. I have to force myself to write out weeks worth of posts at a time and schedule them just to make sure I’m getting something posted once a week — most of the time. Then, sometimes, I fight myself to not post several times per day, and have to space those little bursts of energy out by scheduling them, too.

    …Like I said, the struggle is real. LOL

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