Out of Fiction… (or how I came to write poetry)

out of fiction, a seed of truth
out of prose, a poem is born

At dVerse, Tori (aka Kanzen Sakura) has asked us to write poems about the poet(s) that inspired us to become poets.  My story begins with prose.  As a blogger who primarily wrote short stories and essays, but had virtually no “followers”, I wanted to expand my horizons a bit.  I eventually found a site called “Trifecta”.  This site (now defunct), gave prompts for writing short stories, and for quite some time, I became a regular participant at that site.  One of my fellow Trifectans quite regularly responded to the prompts with works of poetry.  At first, this seemed a bit odd to me, but as time went on, I grew to appreciate these poems more and more.  I noticed that this writer participated in a few other prompt sites as well, and through him, I eventually started participating in the dVerse community, and have not regretted it one bit!  So no, I was not inspired to become a poet by Byron, Keats, Shakespeare, or any other “household name” poet, but by dVerse’s very own Björn Rudburg.

After arriving at dVerse, I was made welcome by many other fabulous poets:  Brian, Claudia, and…and…and…(I won’t start making a list, out of fear of missing someone important)

My couplet today, although not in Björn’s style, is an attempt to encapsulate my experience: from writing fictitious prose, I began to discover who I am as a poet, and also, through reading the works of others, discovered the beauty of poetry.

So…Thank you, Björn, for showing me the path of poetry!


13 thoughts on “Out of Fiction… (or how I came to write poetry)

  1. Indeed it is. It has inspired me to see how people in the dVerse community are inspired by…..other members of the dVerse community! From a seed sprouts a tree of poetry with many different fruit. Excellent!

  2. This is very similar to my path to poetry too! When I first started my blog I never wrote poetry but through the influence of many bloggers at Trifecta…..now it’s pretty much all I write 😉

  3. If one cannot write prose, most poetry attempted will be fallow; your premise is bang on, for Claudia & Brian showed me many insightful paths to a more interesting style & voice.

  4. Awwww, what a lovely story! I remember Trifecta – I briefly looked at some of the prose there, but never met Bjorn or you on it. I now read more poetry than ever before, thanks to dVerse Poets and you all, as I read not just your links, but also what other poets you reference and other sites you link to…

  5. so interesting how you found poetry – or how poetry found you.. made me smile… you know… same over here… my inspiration were the poets i found in the blogworld as well – and only later i started reading some of the “famous” poets

  6. I enjoyed reading about your poetic journey. I must confess I have a similar experience with Brian Miller, who encouraged me to write poetry. I was never a fan, but gradually became engrossed with it. So actually, more than the famous poets, Brian was more of an inspiration and an initiator of my poetic path.

  7. So many possibilities when we let our skills take us in different directions. We are never fully aware of our capabilities. I can understand how prose could enhance one’s poetry. Glad you kept an open mind and followed the trail to dVerse because I certainly enjoy your poetry.

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