Asteroid Rake – Chapter 16

“Does this ‘expendable’ thing mean that we can’t ever go back?”

“Honestly, Dana, I don’t know.  The more I get to know the Exos, the more convinced I am that they are not the malevolent beings that our government claims them to be.  I would have thought, before, that the Exos would have used up all of our oxygen long before we found the Makers, but they voluntarily restrained their growth for our benefit.  Now we have a new ally in our ship that can turn rocks into food and air.  Honestly, I think that the Exos and their relatives might not cause the end of the universe as we know it, but might actually be the solution to most of our problems.”

“You think they could reverse pollution, end starvation, be the panacea for all of humanity’s problems?”

When she puts it that way, I have to wonder.  Yes, I think that the Exos could help, but would they cause problems that we can’t foresee?  How many times has a nation imported some plant or animal in order to control a problem, only to find that their country becomes over-run with the “solution?”  I can understand the government’s desire to keep them away, but I can also see the potential help that the Exos could be.

of course we would be beneficial.  You have seen what we can do

Yes, I have seen what you can do.  That’s what worries me.  I have no doubt that you could be a great boon to humanity, and yet if you chose, you could destroy us completely

Don’t you think that, if we wanted to, we wouldn’t have destroyed you already?

But you haven’t reached Earth yet…so I we can’t be certain of your motives.

Do you know that we haven’t reached Earth yet?

“You’re awfully silent…my question make you more pensive than usual?”

While communicating with the Exos, I had almost forgotten Dana’s presence, and so her question startles me.  “Sorry, the Exos were talking to me.”

“I suppose that shouldn’t surprise me anymore.”

“They were just trying to convince me that they would be a panacea.  I’m not entirely convinced anymore…but still, I’m not sure that they’re bad either.”

At points, my ability to instantly communicate with the Exos has seemed like a marvelous gift, but right now, they seem far too close for comfort, especially as they know my thoughts intimately, and I still only know what they reveal to me.  They know my doubts as well as my hopes.  They know my weaknesses and, if they are malevolent, they will know how to manipulate me.  I would suggest to Dana that she find ways to beat the Exos, but they would know what I communicated to her…and despite their assurances, I can’t actually know that they haven’t entered into her system too.  We are completely vulnerable before the Exos.  Are they good?  We can only hope…


writing in response to the “Too close for comfort” prompt at Inspiration Monday where Stephanie Orges gives us 5 different prompts to choose from each week.  Stephanie is convinced that the Exos are evil.  I’m not entirely sure…I suspect that in my story, it’s the leaders of humanity that are the evil ones…however, Stephanie’s doubts now have me wondering what the Exos are really up to.  Only future prompts will let me find out for sure…

I managed a bit more dialogue this week, but it’s still something I struggle with…hope it’s not too stilted…


One thought on “Asteroid Rake – Chapter 16

  1. You’ve sharply painted the advantage they have over him; they know everything that’s going on in his head, but he only knows what they tell him. I would have to wonder if, even if they have good intentions, the Exos wouldn’t let the power “go to their heads.” Corruption may not be limited to humans. Given the ability to inhabit the entire human race, imagine what the Exos could do, might the Exos not get a little carried away, even if they believed everything they were doing was for our own good?

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