NaPoWriMo Day 29 – Ratings and Reviews

We tend to rate things, that is what we do
so that we’ll know what’s good and what is not
from restaurant meals to monkeys at the zoo
to tell each other what is cold, what’s hot

take movies as example of this trend
from two thumbs up to two thumbs down they get
so if you see a show it will depend
on someone else’s thumbs is what I’ll bet

the steak you purchased just the other day
will probably have some letters on the pack
did you buy “B” or head for “triple A”
to place upon your BarBQ’s wire rack?

and ’cause the final couplet doesn’t rhyme
I give this poem a mere 3 out of 10


written for the second to last day of napowrimo


3 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo Day 29 – Ratings and Reviews

  1. I’d give it at least a 5 as I was enjoying it right up until that final couplet. Wait, that couplet made me laugh, so maybe it deserves a 9? But is a sonnet supposed to make you laugh? Perhaps not. Back down to a 5. Peace, Linda

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