NaPoWriMo – Day 28: Alphabet Cut Up and Rearranged

I am from the land of
Alphabet Cut Up and Rearranged
in countless way upon paper
in my early years
I lived at the village of Hearing
at the house of
sound entering ears to inform
of David and Goliath
and the Little Engine that Could
when I was a little older
I moved to the town of Seeing
where I invited words,
through my eyes,
to tell me of dragons and kings,
elves and hobbits
and finally I moved again,
this time to the city of Speaking
where I can give voice
to the things that I learned
in Hearing and Seeing
…but in all this time
I have never left the land of
Alphabet Cut Up and Rearranged


for dVerse

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23 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo – Day 28: Alphabet Cut Up and Rearranged

  1. I like the movement in this poem, Bryan. It shows the maturing of a child in the way of learning, but still even as one grows up one can still enjoy the things of earlier times! My motto: Never REALLY totally grow up.

  2. Bang on, Bryan, as first the senses are gorged without language, then we learn the letters, then then the words; & that process never really ends. Very creative way to deal with the prompt, sir.

  3. Brilliant and unique approach to the prompt. Love what you’ve done here. And, I’m with Bjorn….makes me want to go back and have another go at this!!

  4. Such a wonderful writing of the prompt – how you moved from land to land and how it tells so much of where you are from. As always, unique and I just like this so very much.

  5. Hmm.. one sounds like a precious reader.. a lot like me.. when symbols for life come first.. and then the speech comes later.. i suppose that is where my love for words first exist.. and oh my goodness back again.. in alphabet soup overflowing bowls.. haha! with winks and smiles too..:)

  6. “Alphabet Cut Up and Rearranged”..ah this is the key to unlock life that is to be found in lands, villages, towns and cities of growing up…..a brilliant response to this wonderful prompt …

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