Asteroid Rake Chapter 15

Just before we depart from the asteroid, I notice that the computer has logged an incoming transmission addressed to all ships:

Be on lookout for: ship: Raw Potential
Captain: Andrew Kelvington

Cptn. Kelvington is believed to be in possession of/infected by potentially harmful alien micro-organism known as Exo-0001.  He has escaped from lawful incarceration and is accompanied by one Dana Ramirez.  It is unknown whether Ramirez is accomplice or hostage.  Cptn. Kelvington and the Raw Potential cannot be allowed to reach Earth or any other inhabited planet or space station.  If you encounter the Raw Potential, use extreme caution.  Cptn. Kelvington is to be treated as armed and dangerous.  Report co-ordinates of the Raw Potential to the nearest military outpost immediately.  If you have an armed vessel, deadly force is authorized.  Dana Ramirez is expendable  She has been deemed an acceptable loss as she is likely also contaminated.

Lovely.  I thought the disaster was having my ship hit by an Exos spore, but apparently that was just the first tremor, and the aftershocks are much worse indeed.

I debate keeping this information from Dana, but apparently she’s been reading over my shoulder.


“Apparently we both are.  We’re in uncharted territory, so the chances of someone finding us is about as close to zero as we can get.  We’ll just have to trust the Exos.”  Even as I say this, I start to wonder why this is uncharted territory anyways, as it is actually quite close to a military outpost.  Thinking is tantamount to communicating with the Exos, but I’m still always a bit surprised when they communicate with me.

We can communicate with you because we are inside of you.  We have relatives that can send out telepathic thought.  We have been aware of your kind for centuries already, and we know your species’ propensity for destroying what it does not understand.  In order to protect ourselves, we have controlled the thoughts of your military and your other ship crews just enough that they have not had any desire to explore in this direction, in fact, they are not aware of this direction at all.

These creatures are either much more intelligent than I had given them credit for, or much more nefarious than I had thought possible if they can create an unnoticed area of space.  I can only hope that they are truly willing to be allies.  I’m a bit worried, though…we can’t exactly stay away from all other human-kind forever.


Written for Inspiration Monday.  I responded to the prompt “aftershock”

The more I write this, the more I see some of my short-comings as a writer:  I want better dialogue between Kelvington and Ramirez, and with the Exos…so something to work at!  I’ve also noticed that when the ship is in space, I keep writing as if gravity is still in play.  Perhaps I’ll do a re-write on this story at some point and fix some of the errors.  I’ve thought of various ways of changing the whole format of this story…for example, I wish I had started this in 3rd person.  But oh well…I’ve started in 1st person, so I guess I need to stick to it!


One thought on “Asteroid Rake Chapter 15

  1. More dialogue would be good, but I like how this is moving. The exos continue to become more and more alarmingly powerful. While they make a good point about the humans destroying things they don’t understand (as doubly illustrated by the BOLO order), something still tells me they’re not as benign as they claim.

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