Letter From My Boys

Here is a letter from my 3 boys (aged 12,9 and 4), written to me as a birthday gift (I suspect it was primarily written by the 9 year old, with bits of input from the other two. Yes, I do suspect that writing is in his future!  I have copied this exactly from what they gave me.  Spelling mistakes have been left for your enjoyment, as well as the (accidentally?) repeated words in line 5.

There were once three boys named G_____,
L_____ and K_____. They were given simple chores,
yet at this they usualy failed. They shared
a pigsty (or it looked like one, anyways) for a
room. “At one point one point or another,”
their parents said with glee, “You’ll have to
clean your room, and you’ll do it hapilly.”
But alas and alack, this moment did not come,
and it might never come ‘ti’l schools allow gum!
but one day, maby not far away,
the parents may have their wish,
gotta go! I’m having fish! but i’ll write,
I hope you like our gift to you.
the least that we could give you, is the gift
of peace. Sciscerely, L_____, G_____ and K_____
P.S., can we play 3DS now?

And just as an aside, no, they did NOT clean their room…and as a result, no, they did not get to play video games either.


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