NaPoWriMo Day 23: Ode to Spring

When the winter snows are gone we
celebrate return of spring
Now though that the pollen’s flying
I’ve a different song to sing
eyes are burning, itching madly
sneezing every second too
and post-nasal dripping causes
constant coughing. What to do?
Using ’bout a box of tissues
Almost every single day
Even meds for allergies aren’t
Keeping these symptoms at bay
It won’t last, though, soon they’ll go
When we see next winter’s snow!


No, I’m not looking forward to winter…but I would love to lose these allergies! Written for, and will be sharing with dVerse open link night too


19 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo Day 23: Ode to Spring

  1. oh i know what you’re talking about… suffering from hayfever too… i’d love to get rid of it… the sooner the better.. just don’t wanna miss one minute of spring

  2. I have been cursed with a crappy immune system, but blessed with no allergies at all . Here the Cottonwood & scotch broom reek havoc for others.

  3. Thank heaven for better living through chemistry. We have so many flowers, flowering trees, and trees that have un-blooms that give off pollen. Like being in yellow London fog. Feel better soon and I like this ode!

  4. Ah yes, the spring allergies, followed by the summer allergies, followed by fall allergies, alleviated only in winter. But I’ll take itching eyes over snow any day. Peace, Linda

  5. Those seasonal allergies are so annoying ~ Thank goodness I don’t suffer from them, smiles ~

    Enjoyed this one Bryan ~ Hope you are keeping those tissues close at hand ~

  6. Ah.. the beauty of an immune system gone strong
    and wild.. too much for the nature of human
    as is.. but the bright side of allergies
    are.. cancer does not usually
    stand as great a chance
    against a sneeze with
    allergies like that..
    and yes.. science suggests..
    that in part.. that’s actually TRUTH..:)
    So yeah.. perhaps sneezes and itchy
    eyes are a minor annoyance in the scales
    of eyes in human suffering.. overall.. i guess..:)

    So yeah.. summarizing.. be careful what one wishes for..
    is a mystery to behold.. and to get a hold of..
    in what works for what..:)
    in extremely mysterious
    keeping us always
    on our toes…
    per God’s
    Nature at least..:)

  7. Awwww. I always have empathy for those who suffer from allergies. I have a few food allergies and it’s not fun. Reading this poem was though! Enjoy spring and take any remedies to help with the allergens! Happy Sunday!

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