NaPoWriMo Day 14 – Quarrel

that ball
is mine so stay
away from it and leave
me be to play as I see fit
or I’ll tell mom that you’ve been hitting me
and then you’ll be in trouble. See?
so go away before
I shove you through
the wall
that’s fine I’ll go
and fly our kite without
you ’cause you’d prob’ly make it crash
and then I’d have to beat you to a pulp
and you’d go crying home for sure
’cause you are such a wimp
I hope you trip
and fall
the kite, you say?
now that sounds fun I’ll come
and we can play together, ‘Kay?
and then we’ll kick the ball together too!
I’m sorry I was rude to you
I hope we can make peace
it’s silly how
we brawl
for sure, let’s go
I’ll grab the kite and you
can go ask mom if she has string
and we’ll use one of dad’s old neckties for
the tail. For it’s more fun to play
together don’t you think?
why do we fight
at all?


Form: “Quarrel” Created by Gay R. Cannon.  For a description of the form and its rules, click here.  Sharing this with dVerse, where today’s prompt is brothers/sisters, and with where we were encouraged to write dialogue.  The quarrel form seemed ideal for combining the prompts and writing about a fictitious (but all too possible) argument and resolution between a couple of siblings.


17 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo Day 14 – Quarrel

  1. How delightful to read ~ Brothers fighting and then playing together sounds fun ~ I like the shape of the poem & the resolution is just right ~

  2. I do remember tackling the “Quarrel” for FFA or MTB; Gay is very talented. The form can be fun, once the lines are written & primed for the specific line breaks & overall shape; but were there syllable counts, feet & meter involved too?

  3. Oh, this is so sweet. I like the reality in this – the quarrel, then the decision that it’s best to play together. The form is very pleasing to the eye. It looks like it’s difficult, but it read very smoothly.

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