NaPoWriMo Day 13: Office

perhaps today I’ll go insane
the phones ring off the hook
seems half the office staff is sick
the outlook doesn’t look
as though I’ll have much time to rest
or otherwise relax
I have too many things to type
and documents to fax
and in between the typing faxing
answering the phone
there are so many other tasks
that won’t leave me alone
but there is one thing I can say
I doubt that I’ll be bored today!


Notes on form and prosody (for those who care): I’m not sure if the “balladic sonnet” is a form that other poets have used, or whether I can claim that I invented it…regardless, I find myself drawn to this form more and more. Typically I rhyme only the even numbered lines in the first 12 lines, and those lines alternate between 4 stressed beats (odd numbered lines) and 3 stresses (even lines). The final 2 lines of the sonnet are rhymed iambic tetrameter. Quite by accident, my 6th line has an extra syllable and my 7th is one syllable short…basically I have an iamb split between two lines. I rather like how that worked out as it enhances the “busy” feel of this poem.

Submitter for day 13 of NAtional POetry WRiting MOnth (napowrimo)


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