NaPoWriMo Day 9: A Sonnet About Metrical Feet…’Cause SOMEBODY Had to Write it!

It is hard to write poems of a serious sort
when you choose anapests for your feet
’cause the words runs along as though nothing is wrong
It has something to do with the beat

Dactyls you’ll find are no better. They’re
awkward and clumsy and funny. You’ll
find that they might work quite nicely, if
you’re writing poems about bunnies…and

Trochees might seem better but they
Have this sing-song lilting
Hardly meter that you want for
Subjects such as jilting

If you would write with somber feet
the iamb simply can’t be beat


Sharing this with dVerse for Open Link Night, and also with (even though this has nothing to do with today’s prompt…and that’s what you get for having an optional prompt  🙂


17 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo Day 9: A Sonnet About Metrical Feet…’Cause SOMEBODY Had to Write it!

  1. I enjoyed your poem, Bryan. Actually, I must admit I don’t pay much attention to anapests, dactyls, or trochees. Iambs, yes! (smiles) Sometimes. Admittedly I look more at the meaning of a poem than the meter. Others may have different priorities.

  2. “More meeting than meter”! Ah yes, let’s hear it for dear Mary. Somehow, even though I am willing to try a new/old classic poetic form as a prompt, it then does not reside in my poet’s bag of tools. Trochee sounds like a town in New Mexico–anapest belongs on a fresh salad–dactyl is a small prehistoric bird, right?–the iambic beat is part of the samba–but hey; that’s just me; kudos to you for using them.

  3. Yes! Take that optional prompt and suck on it (trochee is also a cough lozenge). This made me smile and so glad you were picked for a featured writer on NaPoWriMo…..

  4. Phew, so glad somebody wrote it! Just what I feel about these pesky meters! Except I couldn’t have worded it as wittily as yourself (and in the right meter, too).

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