Political Chess

Speaking words with double meaning
Hiding facts in fancy speeches
Far too soon, though, we’ll be gleaning
What they’ve sown: rotten peaches

We sit back while they are lining
Pockets with our hard earned wages
Taxes pay for their fine dining
This has been the song for ages

While the rest of us are sleeping
Politicians play their pieces
Later we’ll begin our weeping
But for now we’re blind by fleeces

When we vote for those we think great
They just laugh and whisper “check-mate”


an attempt at writing a sonnet in trochaic tetrameter


7 thoughts on “Political Chess

    • a trochee is a two-syllable “foot” starting with a strong beat and ending with a weak beat (as opposed to an iamb with is weak followed by strong), and there are four such “feet” in every line and therefore tetrameter 🙂 Of course, if you’d rather ignore the technical jargon, that’s OK too…I welcome you to just come in and enjoy! 🙂

  1. rotten peaches are so slimy and nasty … great image that certainly illustrates the mess we are handed by politicians and their dealings. Nice sonnet! You seem to use the word “just” often. I do so as well.

    • yeah…I have a few bad habits with over-use of certain words. Thanks for mentioning it, though, as it’s hard to break a habit if you aren’t conscious of it 🙂

      • I have the same habit, which I am trying to break. That us probably the only reason why I noticed the just 🙂

        This is still a strong poem though, and I like the form you chose.

      • “Just” so you know, I appreciate your constructive comments…they help me to grow as a poet. I couldn’t figure out how to remove the “just” in the last line, but I changed the first line of the second quatrain from “we just sit back while they’re lining” to “We sit back while they are lining”. Without changing the meaning of the line at all, it does help the poem over all, I think. So once again, Thank You!

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