he likes to run

at four years of age
he likes to run
and ‘though his brothers
are roughly double and triple his age
he thinks that he can beat them in a race
and my how his heart breaks
when they and not he
gets to the corner first

oh yes
he likes to run
and leave his parents
well behind
as he pelts down the
concourse of the mall
forcing us to call:
“slow down!
wait for mommy and daddy!”
and for a few moments
he’ll look at us with that,
“hurry up already” look
that only a four year old
can have when waiting for
his dawdling parents

and because
he likes to run
how beautiful the feel…
…even if only for a moment
when he chooses to slow down

to walk with me

and to hold my hand


at dVerse, Mary has asked us to write about beauty…but not the superficial physical kind.  I thought of numerous things that I find beautiful…and then I finally settled on the simplicity of holding my youngest son’s hand.


24 thoughts on “he likes to run

  1. This made me smile, Bryan. I can just picture the energy in the four-year-old. Ha, he probably doesn’t care if he beats his brothers in a race or not. He runs for the joy of it, I would guess. But I understand you thinking it ‘beautiful’ when at last he slows down.

  2. Beautiful & touching capture of parental love & 4-year old inexorable energy. In our family now the little ones are all grandchildren, twice removed but still precious & precocious.

  3. Exactly !!! I know this feeling, and this poem really touched me.

    I used to joke with the girls that ice-skating was fun because even teens want to hold hands even with dad 🙂

  4. Yes, such wonderful moments when one of the sweet “littles” takes your hand to walk together!
    (experienced with my sons…now with grands) Enjoy, Bryan 🙂

  5. I am glad to read that you decided to write about your children to – and truly, I can not find anything more beautiful or soulful than their presence.

  6. Your poem reminded me of several four-year olds I have come across in my lifetime and the unaffected energy they displayed. This is a very sweet poem, Bryan.

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