Asteroid Rake – Chapter 12

Even as I wonder silently where I should be going, the Exos give me impressions that instruct me the direction to fly and the duration of the flight.

We will gather supplies there

What sort of supplies?

Something that will allow you to produce all the oxygen that you need…even with your companion

She’s hardly a companion, she doesn’t want to be here…doesn’t even like me.

We have searched your thoughts.  We have run through all your words.  Companion was the closest word to what she is.

Of course, they’re not using words exactly, but the impressions they give can only be portrayed as dialogue…and even impressions have a vocabulary of sorts.  Even so, companion seems too familiar.  I’ve been thinking of her as my accidental hostage, but the Exos are right…I can’t really think of her as a hostage either, as I bear no ill-will towards her.  I wish that I could have left without her, but the risk was much too great.  I certainly can’t think of her as a friend…she obviously hates me.

I change the direction of the Raw Potential according to the Exos’ instructions.

Space is a big place.  Even with the amount of time that humans have been exploring, we have only been able to chart a very small area.  I realize instantly with the new heading that we are heading into uncharted territory.  I can only hope that the Exos know where we are going,  because without a star map, the likelihood of me finding anything is about as great as finding a needle in space.  Looks like Dana and I are in for a bit of an adventure, whether we like it or not.


the prompt I wrote to at Inspiration Monday was space needle.  As you can see, I interpreted the prompt in my own way…


One thought on “Asteroid Rake – Chapter 12

  1. Ha! Love the use of prompt. Also nice job building tension. He’s putting a lot of trust in these creatures. He doesn’t have much choice, but still. Meanwhile, some interesting interactions are bound to come up with Dana.

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