Salad Spinners and Scorpions

one of my favourite shows on TV
a group of geniuses that
can MacGyver anything out of anything
needed to separate the components of blood
but had no access to a centrifuge
so used a salad spinner to great success
which caused my biologist niece to chuckle.
good TV is not necessarily good science
as a salad spinner won’t create
nearly the Gs required
and proving that
the producers and execs at CBS
certainly aren’t the genius material
required to be
on the Scorpion team


5 thoughts on “Salad Spinners and Scorpions

  1. So, does this comment directive work for you? I’m asking seriously, as I’ve tried various tricks–and most people just won’t write a comment….the “likes” mean exactly nothing to me.

    • Nope. I get way more likes than comments. I much prefer comments to likes. I have had some of my posts receive multiple likes, but my stats page shows no hits…besides, comments are a lot more personal. I will sometimes ‘like’ a post, but most of the time, if I like a post, I try to leave a comment as to why. So…thanks for the comment, and thanks for the visit!

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