Asteroid Rake – Chapter 11

Even through the helmet of her environment suit, I can feel her eyes burning into me.

You know that we have not entered her.  Why did you tell her she is contaminated?

If she knew that there were no Exos in her, I would lose my leverage.  She would alert the rest of the ship, and I would never be able to escape.

Will you tell her?

Perhaps, eventually.  If I think that I can trust her, and more importantly, if I think that I’ve earned her trust.

“This way,” she says.  As much as I wish that I hadn’t accidentally taken a hostage, she knows this ship.  I don’t.  With her as a guide, we stand a much better chance of getting out of here.

Sure enough, before long, we reach the air lock.  Not the one I was brought in through, but a simple, standard air-lock.  Thankfully.  Exiting the ship will be much quicker without having to go through the whole 5 chamber decontamination lock.

As we enter the vacuum of space, she shows me how to use the in-suit thruster system.  Certainly more state-of-the-art than the environment suits I am used to.  She points, and I see the Raw Potential a short distance away, tethered to The Asclepius with a short cable, where it has been waiting to be towed to an impound where it can be dismantled and incinerated piece by piece.  I’ll be glad to stop those plans.  Forget space-walking…I’m space running back to my ship…my home.

With her help, we decouple the tether, and head towards my airlock.

Once we have entered, and I ensure that the ship is still pressurized, I start to take off my suit.  She seems a bit nervous.  I keep up the ruse and say, “You’re already contaminated.  More exposure won’t do you any more harm.”

Reluctantly, she starts to take off her helmet.  As she does, I prime up the engines.  I want to be as far away from The Asclepius as possible before my escape is discovered.

Once we have started moving, I smile at her, extend my hand and say, “I’m Captain Andrew Kelvington.  Welcome to the Raw Potential.

There is fire in her eyes as she responds, “You kidnap me and then have the gall to treat me as if I’m a willing passenger on a pleasure cruise?”

“Look sweetie, it’s not my fault that you’re a girl, I…” I discover that she doesn’t have the same qualms as I do about hitting a member of the opposite gender.  She has a rather impressive left hook.  The ship settles into silence for the next 3 hours or so before I finally swallow my pride.  “Sorry, I deserved that.  I’m telling you the truth when I say that I didn’t intend to take you as a hostage.”

I could tell that she was still upset, but she had calmed down somewhat.  Finally she said, “I’m Dana Ramirez.”  After a while she asked, “Where are you taking me?”

Now it was my turn to be silent.  I wish that I knew.



3 thoughts on “Asteroid Rake – Chapter 11

  1. Yeah, a good punch is the least I’d give him, especially when he tops it all off with “sweetie.” I’m surprised she didn’t try to murder him. 😛

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