Hold On…

If you’ll indulge me, I’ll be bold
and tell you what will cause a buzz
I wouldn’t mind it here on hold
except your hold station is fuzz

Annoying as it is to wait
I’d stay on hold until next June
but I am getting quite irate
your hold music is just one tune

I really am a patient guy
but silent hold makes me suspect
especially as the time goes by
that we have had a disconnect

It’s true that I don’t mind to hold
but a human voice…that would be gold!


As part of my job, I spend quite a bit of time on the phone…and a significant amount of time on hold. The first 3 quatrains of my sonnet each address a different peeve of mine: 1) being stuck on hold where they make me listen to a poorly tuned radio station, 2) companies that have one tune that repeats over, and Over, and OVER.  Especially when that is a company that I have to call on a regular basis.  3) being stuck on hold where there is no music, no intermittent beeping…nothing to indicate that I am actually still connected.  I did not have room in my sonnet to complain about companies that make me listen to country music.  (sorry, I’ve offended some of you now)

It’s Open Link Night at dVerse, and that’s where I’ll be linking this.  If you are a poet, and want to join a great community of supportive poets and great prompts and challenges, click here to visit the dVerse homepage.


18 thoughts on “Hold On…

  1. I used to have to call various engineers at different companies….one of my peeves to add to your list is, when I am extremely irritated and the hold music is loud, oddly beated, yelling music…..when I hear that, I hang up and wait until I am calmer….

  2. OH GOD! the greatest thing about being retired is every time a robot calls.. I just say.. sorry if you can’t hire a human.. i am not going to talk to a machine….

    Phones are killers of human health.. and technology isn’t making any of this stuff easy.. for people with feelings instead of cold hard robotic signals….

  3. It really is annoying and so time consuming. They should have options for music….push one for …:) The worst scenario is when they forget you all together. I read your poem literally and also as a metaphor.

  4. Excellent. I found myself nodding YES as I read your poem. The silences always make me suspicious too, and (alas) sometimes I think they have disconnected purposely to cut down on the number of people on hold!

  5. The silent hold is THE WORST because you really do not know, as astronomical amounts of time pass, if you are still connected and on hold or if you are really just still sitting there, like a fool, for no damn good reason at all 😛 Although the country music is a pretty awful option too,I must agree with you on that 😉

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