Spring Romance

In their opening
flowers confess their love of
the sun’s warm kisses


sharing this over at dVerse, where Anthony has asked us to write confessions


29 thoughts on “Spring Romance

      • Well, you did a lovely job. I also follow Bjorn’s blog and there is a hint that today on the prompt, it will be “confession”. this is perfect for that if you choose. I was going along a similar line. It is easy to sometimes get bitter and angry along the lines of “confession”….I don’t think I’m ready for that….we had a bit of a misty rain today. it already smells differently from winter rain and bluebirds were checking out their houses.

  1. Within a week, even in Boston, blossoms with be flirting with us, & old Saul will prep our skin for radiation; just had my dermatologist give me a clean bill of health on old moles on my back, & injuries from sunburns over 40 years ago.

  2. Ah.. to know that flowers feel the warmth of sun.. in all growing ways of Springest life.. Sprung from yellow heat.. IS to know the Spring of Love.. that grows petal of life.. in love of being here.. and nothing more than that..:)

  3. Always entranced by the metaphorical use of flowers, especially here where an actual action is taking place. The “opening” of the flower to accept the desired affection of the sun while simultaneously rendering itself vulnerable is a beautifully powerful image, and an even more powerful confession.

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