i love the uninhibited way
that children dance
when they enjoy music

they don’t care
who might be watching

they simply dance…

…of course dancing
doesn’t always mean
an appreciation
of music

sometimes a dancing child
just urgently needs
to use
the facilities


5 thoughts on “dance

  1. ah to be a child and so unrestrained by what others think…
    to just dance and lose ourselves to the abandon of it…
    ha I wrote yesterday of watching my son in the middle school
    play…and seeing him do the same…

  2. I remember one time when I was young, I was dancing in a record store (yeah, actual records – this was in the 1970s) and my parents saw me. I was so embarrassed. It got worse – they bought the album and tried their best to get me to dance at home. Never did dance to that… or around anyone else again. I was really shy and was just having fun- never meant for anyone to see it!

    • I’d dance like nobody’s watching…except that someone might be watching 🙂 To be truthful, any time I see Mr. Bean dance, I’m jealous of his moves.

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