Lace – Sequel

After writing my prose poem Lacesome of you were speculating as to what had become of my knight.  So here is a sonnet with a bit more of the story.  Written for open link night at dVerse (but of course, anyone is welcome to read)


He sought a lovely lady to impress
a lady who had dropped to him some lace
but in the final joust to his distress
he landed on the ground in great disgrace

he knew the lady’s honour he had lost
so stumbled off the field in great chagrin
how dearly had that jousting tumble cost
what honours did the other jouster win?

but when he went to claim his second prize
a purse that he considered not worthwhile
the lady came and looked into his eyes
and shared with him a coy and private smile

although his place was second, with that glance
he learned that she’d give him a second chance.


On a side note, I have just achieved a minor goal: at the beginning of the month, I set the goal of publishing at least one blog post each day of February.  With this post, that goal has been achieved.  No promises that I will stay as consistent in March, but we shall see…


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