The view out the window

the water-wheel revolves
as its buckets
catch water flowing in the brook
and it, in turn
once engaged
through a series of cogs and gears
will slowly turn a stone
that will grind grain
into flour
that will be used to make bread

but for now
the miller
looks through a window
up above the water-wheel
his gaze travels
across the brook
to the beautiful fields
of golden wheat
swaying gracefully
in the moonlight
enjoying the moment
and for a moment…
…time stands still

at dVerse, we have been told to pick a line from one of two poems, one by Brian Miller, the other by Claudia Schoenfeld.  These two wonderful people have been the head “bartenders” at the dVerse poetry pub since before I discovered this fabulous place to learn about, read about, and share poetry.  Brian and Claudia have decided that it is time to take a less active roll, and move to the other side of the bar as patrons rather than barkeeps.  We wish them all the best as they take the chance to sit back and relax a bit!  Björn Rudberg (who is no stranger to tending the bar), has been handed the keys as the new head bartender.  I have no doubt he’ll do a fantastic job! I have concluded my poem with the line “time stands still”. This is the line that I chose from Claudia’s poem, sketching on Portobello Road//the clock//is body-less.  And Claudia, I hope I got the translation of you last name right!


27 thoughts on “The view out the window

  1. Ah what a peaceful scene you have set in this poem, Bryan. There is something magical about those old water wheels….a reminder of those good old days that make us sentimental sometime.

  2. This is a lovely, peaceful poem…and the names! Claudia and Brian in your poem. So very clever and so respectful of their past role at dVerse – a fitting tribute. I like that here down south, there are still the old mills that grind grain and sell it. Nothing beats freshly stone ground corn or wheat or even oats. Lovely pictures here that brought to mind in particular one working mill – the sound of the wheel turning, the water splashing, the stones grinding. What a wonderful and bucolic mood you set here.

  3. You gave me the beauty of Claudia’s soul and the necessary bread of life within Brian’s poetry and personality. This was the epitome of simplicity, yet like bread which is the staff of life, your poem contains the stuff of all poetry, with layered meanings, understandings, and ambiguities. This is the essence of poetry in a tribute to two poets and to poetry itself.

  4. I saw the mill operating again and the pride of a farmer. Two things I hope we don’t forget.

    I liked the hiding of the names. Great job. Almost Musical.

  5. What a lovely tribute, to weave both their names into your poem like that! I love the scene you paint, and Ithink that last line is perfect to complete the poem.

  6. up above the water-wheel
    his gaze travels
    across the brook
    to the beautiful fields
    of golden wheat

    It is such a blessing to see such a scenic beauty out the window. Instead it is concrete jungle all told at other places.


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