Ode to a Stuck Drawer

Oh stuck-fast drawer what do you hold
your treasures are as yet untold
I wonder what you hide from me
but you are stuck I cannot see
if you hold junk or coins enrolled

how many owners bought and sold
this desk that is so very old
with you stuck shut securely
oh stuck-fast drawer

To force you would be far too bold
I’d rather I give up and fold
although you never will be free
to show your dust or filigree
your mystery, to me is gold
oh stuck-fast drawer


written for writing201:poetry. This poem is written in rondeau form.


6 thoughts on “Ode to a Stuck Drawer

  1. I like this. There is something about the allure of old desks, bureaus, etc. and that stuck drawer. I inherited an old upright 5 drawer chest and one of the drawers of course, was stuck. I took the drawers out and then proceeded to work with the stuck drawer. When finally opened, it was a treasure trove of ancient handkerchiefs, old fashioned greeting cards, several excellent condition walking liberty silver dollars, and some old photos. I had a delightful day pilfering the treasures.

      • I must confess, I’m never disappointed. Even if the drawer had been empty, I would have breathed in the scent of the old wood and made up a story of what was taken out. I’m just kind of crazy like that.

  2. What a thought! I guess it’s like Schrodinger’s cat. Without opening the drawer, you know that inside lies a delightful mystery. Should you open it, the mystery will be solved, but the delight will slowly dissipate into the everyday. I really like this piece, Bryan.

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