Cold Day…Bright Sun

They said on the news that I had to dress warm:
With the windchill, ’bout 40 below
And that would be fine if I just could stay in
But of course I had someplace to go
So I put on my parka and stepped out my door
In order to go start my car
‘Cause I knew that without, I’d be stranded at home
yes without it I wouldn’t go far
It started, but only ‘cuz it was plugged in
and still had to grumble and groan
My kids and my wife were still warmly at home
I’d face this cold drive all alone
But the sun it was up and most beautif’ly bright
No matter how cold, what a glorious sight!


Notes on form: Although I love writing poetry in various forms, I keep finding myself drawn back to variations of the sonnet form…although quite often I avoid pentameter. This one turned out to follow a ballad form for the first 12 lines (alternating lines of tetra and trimeter), and primarily in anapests. Both lines of the concluding couplet are tetrameter.


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