A Letter From My Future Self

a letter from my future self
sits silently upon my shelf
it speaks of many ills to come
some unavoidable, but some
depend upon my acts and how
I choose to live my life right now
my future life could be so grand
if I pull my head from the sand
and stop behaving like my acts
have no concern on future facts
make plans today for what’s to come
instead of acting like a bum

live for today is what I say
my future self can go away


at dVerse, Grace suggested that we imagine a letter from the future to our present day self.  Instead of writing a letter, I decided to write a response to such a letter.  I am, perhaps a bit cynical, but I suspect that many people, even if they knew what was to come, still wouldn’t change how they live today.


21 thoughts on “A Letter From My Future Self

  1. I loved this, and like even more your wise comment at the end. Humans dont change their behavior, even when we KNOW , and have so much knowledge………we are like lemmings, sadly. Great write.

  2. Yes, you are probably right, Bryan. People are not all that willing to change directions. Example: how much has been done to try to prevent more global warming? Humans know what is around the corner, but……

  3. Yes.. there is a time when my future self tells me too.. to save and use all my P’s And Q’s.. in control of living now.. for a future that will not be bright as the now is now.. and then the now gets darkened to a less colorful hue.. and finally the P’s and Q’s make all the dots of i’s in now.. go away to then… and then.. there is no now but then.. and future promises to always change…

    So yes.. the past is gone.. and my future self matters not.. as to relish now.. and to live thEre wholly as holy is certain the pickle i will TO be in for NOW!..:)

    • true, although we CAN make choices today that will positively or negatively affect the future…and we can predict some of those outcomes. For example…act with love and kindness towards all, and you can expect to have friendship in the future…or be self-centered and cruel to others, and your future will not be quite as nice. I’m not saying that we can predict the future, but we can make positive choices and do positive things to set ourselves, and those around us, for success rather than failure.

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