synonymous II

In some places around the world, it is quite common for merchants to hang their merchandise on ropes that they then wrap around their bodies, or they put the items that they want to sell in pockets of their trench coat, such as the proverbial watch salesperson who opens up his trenchcoat to reveal numerous timepieces.  “Hey Mack!  Do you want to buy a watch??”

Some countries, though, have banned the practice of using one’s own body as a display case for merchandise, feeling that a marketplace table is much more suitable.  This is likely due to the fact that it is easier for tax collectors to collect from booths in a local bazaar rather than trying to track down every wandering merchant with a few fake Rolex watches strapped to the inside of his coat.

In an effort to curb these unwanted practices, these countries have implemented rather harsh fines and punishments for those who choose to flaunt the laws.

The point of this post, then, is simply to give you some free advice if you plan on becoming a salesperson who travels the world:

“Do not wear ware where ware wearing is prohibited”


2 thoughts on “synonymous II

  1. And I noted the other day, some enterprising souls now have these fold out gadgets on their bodies which folds out into a flat surface. They can walk around with merchandise displayed on a “table” which can easily be folded back up and they can quickly flee if necessary.

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