Yes, I realize I’m fussy…

I hate the cold I speak what’s true
the way it makes my skin turn blue
and fills my sinuses with snot
until I don’t know what to do

the opposite is also rot
for equally I hate the hot
when sweat gives me an awful sheen
and I must find a shady spot

I like the weather in between
when leaves are still a lighter green
or when in colours: gold and red
the trees so gloriously are seen

“You’re just too fussy” some have said
“to have such thoughts within your head”
It’s just extremes though that I dread
oh yes extremes are what I dread


at dVerse, we are writing poetry in the style of Robert Frost’s Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.  I’m not sure that I quite captured the spirit of Frost’s poem, but I think I got the meter and rhyme pretty close…


11 thoughts on “Yes, I realize I’m fussy…

  1. Like this – again subtle, choosing that temperature metaphor for talking about how to find life in moderation, not run to the extremes. Life is most pleasant when we have found the “golden mean”. Very fine poem…done to form. Very satisfying, isn’t it?

  2. ha. there are def extremes i like to stear away from….but then again i dont want to be luke warm either….smiles….the weather though…i def like autumn the best….its down near 0 here today with the wind…if it is cold like this, i would rather have snow…

  3. smiles… being a person of extremes (as my husband would put it – ha) i long for the in between as well… i love spring – but then that’s extreme birth and awakening – so – i dunno – ha – it’s freezing cold over here and i’m so sick of it…

  4. I can relate to this fun write – not a lover of extremes either. Cold and white stuff make me miserable (not that miserable) and I long for the sun – as long as it’s not too hot…
    Anna :o]

  5. You had fun with this one….we are fickle about weather…wish we could all be happy with whatever the new day brings, but it’s human nature to talk, wonder, discuss the ever present changing, unpredictable (many times) weather.

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