You aren’t from these parts, are you?

I love watching snow-falls with
folks who aren’t accustomed to
the weather here…
when the snow falls heavy and
fast enough that you can almost see
it accumulating on the ground.
I love to hear them exclaim
“wow! quite the blizzard outside”

I love to look out the window and say,
“can you see that building over there?”
and when they say that they can…

I love to calmly say,
“exactly. This ain’t no blizzard”


for dVerse, where we’re writing about getting “snowed in.”


23 thoughts on “You aren’t from these parts, are you?

  1. Brilliant – so witty! That’s exactly the kind of conversation I have with people who come over to visit from England or other places with little snow. Mind you, I remember a Brazilian friend who experienced his first snow in Japan and tried to take pictures of a (real) blizzard and couldn’t understand why all the camera captured was a whiteout.

  2. smiles… that reminds me of a group of south africans that i took to the mountains – there wasn’t a lot of snow but they just loved it like little kids cause they’ve never seen snow before

  3. Our white outs here in W. WA state are usually from fog, like that in London & Paris; close to an inland sea, we have a lot of moisture in the air. So far, your piece made me smile more than the others encountered out on the trail. I need to consider using levity instead of naked sarcasm in my work. Nice job on the prompt, sir.

  4. ha. you strike the fear in them eh? smiles….ha
    we went through a white out on the way home from Pittsburgh last year…
    it was brutal…and fast… been a while since we seen those kinda conditions around here…

  5. Being a Southerner who has lived up north during some hostile snows, when the weather rightwrongers say snow and folks go crazy, I just have to laugh aloud. Honey, y’all don’t have a clue!

  6. I know what you mean by a blizzard, smiles ~ After a while, you just get used to seeing the messiness of snow that you wonder how anyone can think of it as white and immaculate ~

  7. I enjoyed your humor in this one, Bryan! I think the definition of blizzard can vary quite a lot. Perhaps a ‘southerner’ would consider 2 inches of snow a blizzard, whereas we in the north would consider it a light dusting.

  8. Ha ha! so true and i for have one have no idea what blizzard really is.. up close and personal.. and down here in the south when folks claim that our Thunderstorms are bad.. i turn around and say.. ah nah.. ya haven’t seen the likes of Ivan or Katrina yet..:)

    • never let someone from someplace else know that it was a really bad blizzard, though…always say, “oh this is nothing…I remember back in 19__ we had a blizzard so bad that…” and let the tall tales roll! 🙂

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