Another poem about coffee

Earlier today, I wrote a haiku about “juggling my coffee”.  Now, at dVerse, Tony Maude has asked us to try our hands at writing an expanded cinquain (a form of his own invention).  Click on the dVerse link to see Tony’s explanation of an American Cinquain, as well as his description of his expanded form.  This form seemed ideal for expanding upon my morning’s experience with my coffee.


my coffee
spilled across the floor
in a pool of brown liquid
as I clean up I mourn the loss of
my caffeine


27 thoughts on “Another poem about coffee

  1. Don’t you just hate it when that happens! I need my coffee as well. My cat hides until he smells it brewing. Playful and for such an “everyday” kind of poem, not at all ordinary.

  2. How about that show-off, Bjorn, whipping out a new poem as his comment. The man is way too talented. I wanted to stop at one poem/stanza, but settled on three. Gosh several folks wrote like five; most of them connected by theme or plot; cool take laced with levity.

  3. As I always say – it’s not safe for me to handle coffee until I’ve had my first coffee of the day…
    Interesting contrast between this and the haiku – this expanded form feels more natural for English.

  4. I now this dear Brian! Coffee (I find) is never as thirst quenching as tea – but but but – there is a magic in its taste.
    Anna :o]

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