Excuse me, there’s a hair in my poem!

At dVerse, Anthony is asking us to write poetry about hair…either literally or metaphorically.  The title of his article is, “Excuse Me, There’s a Hair in My Poem!”  That title was brilliant, and so I have unapologetically stolen it as the title of my own piece. Just a warning…I went a tad bit silly with this…


Excuse me, sir! I found a hair

I think you are mistaken, sir
our menu says it’s rabbit stew
you’ll find, I think, if you compare
by looking at their feet and fur
they’re different species, sir, it’s true!

I didn’t say “H,A,R,E”,
but hair, like that upon your head

Dear me! Good sir, for I mis-heard,
they’re synonyms, I hope you see!
and sadly, sir, I was mislead.
To feed you hair? Now that’s absurd!
I’ll give the chef a scolding, then
for serving rabbit stew with hair

I never said the hair I found
was in my food, so don’t offend
your chef by saying things unfair
his skills, indeed, are quite profound!

If it was not found in your food,
then why tell me about this hair?
But now I’m curious as can be
I hope that you don’t think me rude
to ask you, as you’ve caused a scare
Where was this hair, Oh please tell me!

I found it in this book of verse
that I picked up just yesterday
I don’t like hair in poetry
There’s not a thing that I find worse

You waste my time, sir, go away
I’m not the local library
But out of curiosity,
what type of verse is it you read?

it is a form that’s fairly rare
a topic that you’ll seldom see
but you might find, it fills a need
it’s poems about a hairless hare!


20 thoughts on “Excuse me, there’s a hair in my poem!

  1. ha i wonder if a hairless hare looks anything like those hairless cats…which can be kinda creepy…i would say return the book…obviously there is a hare in it…or a hair for sure…fun write bryan…

  2. Ah, this made me smile really. I liked your creative wordplay. A hairless hare would be funny to behold…but hair in one’s food would be YUCK.

  3. I actually wrote a silly one too…but decided not to publish it ~ Tell you what, it did happened to me but the restaurant apologize and gave me a free meal ~ Thanks for the smiles ~

  4. All that levity & frivolity, & stylish rhyme & meter too; excellent lurch into humor; like the film title, THE FEARLESS VAMPIRE KILLERS, or EXCUSE ME, BUT YOUR TEETH ARE IN MY NECK.

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