An Acrostic Poem

Over at dVerse, Brian Miller is asking us to take a form poem, and then break the form in some way or another.  Sometimes breaking things can be rather cathartic, so I’m IN!!  I’ve decided to break an acrostic poem

A is for the guy who wrote this poem. I’m Canadian, Eh?
C is for sailors and the seven seas. And speaking of sailors:
R is for pirates, but you’ve got to draw out the sound
O is for the look of surprise on a kid’s face at Christmas
S is kind of shaped like a garden hose.
T isn’t for coffee drinkers
I is also for pirates…ones who agree with their captain
C? I told you I’d break this acrostic…


24 thoughts on “An Acrostic Poem

  1. Clever and funny and like a pirate – not adhering strictly to the “M is for the million smiles” acrostic. I love clever, funny poems. I just don’t know how to write them very well.

  2. We haven’t used the Acrostic form for a long time at dVerse; the fun you had with it makes me hungry to write one; no meter, feet, iambs, or syllable count–which can give me a headache. Your amusing take on the prompt was fun & well received, Bryan.

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